How does Upside grow my business?

What is second position?



Upside’s marketplace delivers unique value to participating retailers by bringing you new and profitable customers and transactions that you would not otherwise have captured. We are able to deliver this incremental impact thanks to the significant user base we have built in your local area, which is the result of the $100M+ we spend each year on consumer marketing to reach, acquire, and retain users.  


In order to invest in consumer marketing in a local market (DMA), we need to first surpass a critical threshold of retailer “density” (i.e., the number of live stations in a given DMA). For fuel, this threshold is typically ~20% of stations within a given DMA going live on Upside. Before we reach this level of retailer density, our consumer marketing spending is less efficient, as we may not have sufficient nearby options to market to our users. The more nearby businesses a user sees, the more valuable Upside becomes to them - which means more incremental transactions for you!


Upside’s second position policy is a key component of our approach to increasing retailer density in each DMA, enabling us to build a marketplace that creates mutual benefit and delivers maximum value for both users and retailers. In limited instances, Upside may allow more than one retailer within a given exclusivity zone by designating one retailer in first position and the other retailer in second position. Stations with a second position configuration have promotions that are at least 1¢ lower than first position stations within the same exclusivity zone. 


Thanks to second position, Upside is able to launch additional stations that would otherwise be blocked, enabling us to more rapidly reach density in a given DMA. When DMA density increases, we are able to deliver more incremental transactions to all participating retailers - both first and second position stations - as Upside becomes more valuable to users. 


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Visit your Upside dashboard for more information on the incremental impact Upside delivers to your business.

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