How does Upside grow my business?

Upside consumer marketing


Upside is your customer acquisition engine

At Upside, our goal is to connect your business to as many consumers as possible and measurably drive you more profit. Through our multi-channel consumer marketing initiatives, we act as a supercharged customer acquisition engine for your business. Each year, Upside invests more than $100 million in consumer marketing to grow our user base and deliver more consumers to your business. 

We market across multiple channels to reach consumers wherever they are — in the car on the way to work, scrolling their social media feed, or reading the morning paper. Below is an overview of the types of consumer marketing Upside utilizes to acquire users and maximize your reach. 


Radio, podcasts & digital marketing

When consumers see Upside ads on their favorite social media site and hear DJ endorsements for Upside during their morning commute, we become a recognizable and trusted brand — this leads to more app downloads and more new customers for you. 

  • Radio & podcasts: Upside is among the nation’s top spenders in radio advertising. We air both national and local ads across major networks and select podcasts. Our radio & podcast partnerships secure live and pre-recorded airtime for Upside commercials, targeting a variety of customers with different interests and station preferences. Listen to one of our recent radio spots below! 

  • Digital marketing: Effective marketing means connecting to potential customers in the right place, at the right time. That’s why we aim to meet our audience on their favorite digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.


PR & media

Upside’s PR team secures print and TV coverage on local and national outlets to gain widespread brand recognition and drive new app signups. 


As Upside grows and makes more users’ dollars go further on everyday purchases, organic media coverage increases as well. Check out our feature on the Today Show!





Upside’s growing network of consumer partnerships with companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart puts your business in front of millions of consumers nationwide. See “Overview of Upside’s partner apps” to learn more about how Upside uses partnerships to maximize your reach.




In-app promotions

Upside funds millions of dollars in boosts and bonuses (for which you pay nothing!) that go directly to users in the app, increasing retention and encouraging users to spend more at your business. 


Referral program

Our best spokespeople are our users! A significant factor in Upside’s user growth has been our viral referral program, which increases brand awareness, encourages user engagement, and helps retain our users. Upside users who get their friends and family to download the app are rewarded with bonuses (fully funded by Upside) when their referees earn cash back. 




What does all this mean for you? 

Upside is your business’ secret weapon - enabling customer acquisition at scale. As a result of the millions we spend on marketing every year, Upside is consistently among the top free apps in the iOS and Android app stores. And, unlike any other marketing program, you’re not paying for impressions, clicks, or any other difficult-to-measure top-of-funnel metrics. With Upside, you only pay for proven incremental profit!


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