How does Upside grow my business?

Overview: Expanding your business’ reach

By now, you already know that Upside is able to drive you new volume at a better ROI than any other marketing program. Unlike other advertising or marketing models, Upside delivers proven results across the entire customer transaction journey - measuring our impact all the way from reach to profit:

  • We expand your reach by putting your business in front of millions of consumers using the Upside app and our network of partner apps
  • We drive attributable sales when consumers claim Upside’s personalized promotions before making a purchase
  • We prove incrementality using our best-in-class measurement methodology
  • We guarantee profitability (after all fees and promotions) on every Upside transaction

Read on to learn more about how Upside expands your reach in ways that no other program can - and why that’s so important. 


Reaching new customers with Upside

By joining Upside, you’re putting your business in front of millions of consumers during the most crucial time - the moment when they’re deciding where to make a purchase - and serving them personalized promotions to ensure they pick you instead of a competitor. 

How do we help you reach these potential new customers?

  • Through the Upside app, which is consistently a top-ranked Travel app in the iOS and Android app stores
  • Through partnerships with leading consumer apps & brands (including GasBuddy, Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash), which provide you access to 30M+ consumers nationwide
  • Through the $100M+ we spend on marketing each year to acquire new users and deliver them to your business

As a result, we’re able to deliver more new customers to your business - in fact, more than 50% of Upside-driven customers are new-to-site for our fuel retailers. And those customers are transacting both on and off the app, meaning there’s a lot of new business you’re gaining from these customers for which you’re not paying us a dime!


First impressions matter

The first step in driving measurable new profit to your business is to give you the broadest reach possible. That’s why we talk about impressions - an advertising metric that reports the number of times an ad (in Upside’s case, a personalized promotion for your business) was seen by consumers. At Upside, we often refer to impressions as “offers seen.”




Unlike some other marketing solutions, Upside never charges you based on the number of times a consumer saw an offer for your business. It’s only the first step towards driving attributable, incremental, and profitable transactions - but, given Upside’s reach, it’s an incredibly impactful metric for your business! 

Millions of impressions for your business that help you reach more nearby customers? That’s the Upside effect. 


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