How does Upside grow my business?

Upside’s partner apps



Expanding your reach

At Upside, our goal is to connect your business to as many consumers as possible — whether that’s on the Upside app or anywhere else! When consumers are making a decision about where to eat, shop, or buy gas, we want them to find your business. Upside’s growing network of partnerships is one of the most powerful ways we expand your reach — dramatically increasing your business’ visibility and access to new customers. Partnerships are a critical part of our strategy to grow the amount of new customers and sales we deliver to your business. 

Through the Upside app and our partnership network, we reach more than

30 million consumers

across the United States. And we’re not done! We continue to launch new partnerships each year.  


Upside’s partnerships

Upside has two types of consumer growth partnerships: 


(via API) of Upside’s personalization promotions directly into partner apps

Co-marketing partnerships

to promote Upside via email, push, or other means to users of our partner apps


API integrations

Our current integrative partnerships increase your business’ visibility by distributing Upside’s personalized promotions natively within partner apps. Users of these apps, who may not already be Upside users, can see and claim your sites’ promotions within the partner apps, driving even more volume and incremental transactions to your business. Accelerating Upside’s - and your business’ - reach is the driving force behind our exploration of new API integrations.

Our current API integration partnerships:


Phone-upsidexuber.png Phone-upsidexuber__1_.png

Uber drivers receive push notifications to incentivize them to join Upside

Once drivers sign up for Upside, they can view and claim Upside fuel offers directly in the Uber app.


Co-marketing partnerships

Upside utilizes co-marketing partnerships to reach a wider audience. Our co-marketing partners advertise Upside within their apps, push notifications, and email communications and offer special promotions to users that can be redeemed within the Upside app. 

Our current co-marketing partnerships:




What does this mean for you?

When you’re an Upside retailer, you don’t just reach consumers who have downloaded the Upside app — you unlock more than 30 million users across our partner network, ensuring a bigger audience, more impressions, and more new visits to your business. 

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