How does Upside grow my business?

What sets Upside apart

No other program can drive proven profitable growth for your business like Upside can - here’s why

As you’ve already learned, Upside helps you solve one of your biggest impediments to profitable growth - excess capacity - by delivering new, profitable transactions to your business. 

But how do we do that? And what enables Upside to drive you new volume at a better ROI than any other program? Simply put, it’s the fact that Upside is the only truly end-to-end digital marketing tool - the only program that delivers proven results across the entire customer transaction journey. 

Here’s what we mean by that:


Think about the other digital initiatives you are currently investing in; can they prove their impact across all of these areas? If not, you should stop paying for them immediately. 


The Upside effect

By ensuring you only pay for incremental profit, Upside offers a dramatically more efficient use of marketing dollars compared to any alternatives. The chart below, laying out the various steps in an example customer journey, illustrates this distinction:



*Step taken before completing transaction (e.g., adds items to shopping cart; downloads app; signs up for program; for Upside, this would mean claiming an Upside offer)

Let’s think about a couple of examples:

  • With CPM & fixed cost advertising, you’re expanding your business’ reach by paying for impressions (the number of times a promotion or ad was seen)
  • CPC (cost per click) & CPA (cost per action) advertising models charge you for attributable actions (e.g., clicks, downloads, purchases)

Upside goes far beyond these models:

  • We expand your reach by putting your business in front of millions of consumers using the Upside app and our network of partner apps
  • We drive attributable sales when consumers claim Upside’s personalized promotions before making a purchase
  • We prove incrementality using our best-in-class measurement methodology
  • We guarantee profitability (after all fees and promotions) on every Upside transaction - or you don’t pay


Ensuring you only pay for proven incremental profit? That’s the Upside effect.

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