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Capacity utilization is the measurement of pumps in operation at any given time. Typically, a fuel station utilizes only a fraction of its available pump capacity on a daily basis, averaging around 25%. This under utilization of resources presents a missed opportunity for enhanced profitability. Explore the Capacity Page to monitor the utilization of your pumps, identify top-performing locations, and observe how Upside transactions contribute to maximizing your available capacity with additional transactions. 

Key metrics on the page: 

  • Open capacity: The gap between transactions a business is currently capturing and what they are able to capture with their existing investments.
  • Maximum Capacity: The highest number of transactions observed in one hour in the past 12 months. 
  • Non-Upside Transactions: Non-Upside transactions occurring compared to the maximum capacity.
  • Upside Transactions: Percent of available capacity being filled by Upside transactions
  • Upside share of transactions: The percent of total transactions during that day or time that are Upside transactions

Together, these metrics tell a story…

Capacity utilization by location



Within this section, you'll find an overview of percentage capacity utilization categorized by location. On the left, you'll find the average utilization across all locations, providing a holistic perspective on operational efficiency. Simultaneously, the breakdown by location on the right offers a detailed comparison, allowing you to discern specific trends and variations. This analysis enables you to identify locations that may be either exceeding expectations or falling below the optimal capacity utilization. 


Use the filter toggle on the left to filter by operating hours to view the average capacity utilization across all operating hours at the sites indicated. Filter by peak hours to view the average utilization during only the busiest 3 hours of operation at the sites indicated. 


Hover over the bars on the chart to view full details.


Capacity utilization by hour


This graph shows the average hourly capacity utilization across the selected sites, encompassing both non-Upside and Upside transactions. Looking at this data, you can see the specific hours during which Upside transactions contribute to overall volume. Here you can observe that even during peak hours Upside continues to drive additional transactions. This highlights the platform's effectiveness in generating incremental business, ensuring that even at peak utilization, there is still untapped potential for Upside to drive further transactions and optimize overall operational performance.



To learn more about the benefits of capacity utilization, check out this article. If you want to learn more about how Upside's capacity analytics page can benefit your business, don't hesitate to reach out to the Upside team.

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