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Our promotion generation tool is constantly working to generate the most efficient promotion to bring each customer into your store. On this page, you can explore the average promotion accepted by each customer type and how those promotions are trending over time. These metrics provide additional insights into your customer behavior, specifically on what incentivizes them to transact with your business. Additionally showcasing the value of personalized promotions and that you can earn more profit by not having to give the same promotion to every customer type. 


At the top of the page, you'll find key metrics, including your average margin (which you provide to us, so make sure it's accurate), the average promotion amount, and Upside's ROI for your selected time period. The date ranges can be customized via the drop-down, giving you the flexibility to analyze different periods. Select the icon to learn more about the metric or customer segment.


Average margin and promotion over time 

At the core of what sets Upside apart from other programs is the unique way our promotions are generated. Notice this graph visualizes the real-time adjustments that continually refine themselves as we gather more insights about each user. It is this adaptability that sets our platform apart in that Upside's offer generation algorithm becomes smarter over time. This continuous improvement ensures maximized profits by offering the lowest promotion necessary to incentivize your customers to make incremental purchases.

Here you will also notice that the average Upside promotion is always less than your available margin, guaranteeing your profitability on every Upside-driven transaction.

Promotion distribution: By customer segment


The next chart allows you to see the distribution of promotions, and how Upside optimizes to find the perfect promotion amount for every customer. Most promotions fall in the middle range, but occasionally, larger promotions may be required – particularly for new customers. Notice how the algorithm adjusts to give away smaller promotion amounts to more loyal customers. This adaptive approach ensures that your promotions are always finely tuned to the unique needs of each customer segment.


Why are there 0% offers? Promotions shown at 0¢ indicate offers that were found non-incremental. Upside paid the promotion cost, meaning you paid $0. Users will never see a 0¢ offer.


When you hover over each bar you will find additional data on that customer segment in that promotion range such as number of transactions, average offer in that range, and ROI. 



To learn more about how Upsides offers are generated check out this article. If you want to continue learning about how Upside's promotions analytics page can benefit your business, or have questions specific to your account, don't hesitate to reach out to the Upside team!


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