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Page Overview

Interested in learning how your customers’ behavior changes in response to Upside promotions?  The Behavior tab is your go-to destination. It provides aggregated data that shows the change in your customers' actions in response to the Upside program. It also provides optional guided learning materials. These materials help you understand important concepts like incrementality and control groups. With these insights, you can not only see the changes in customer behavior but also why those changes occur.


As with the rest of the dashboard, outputs can be filtered using the location selector at the top right of the page. However, the date range cannot be adjusted – the output represents all-time program data.

Note: this page is only available after you have been live on Upside for more than 60 days.


Customer behavior at your business

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The chart provides a visual that lays out the differences in transactions and sales between Upside users and non-Upside customers in their respective control groups.It aggregates a customer's behavior across all sites, determining their segment, and calculating pre- and post-behavior before averaging across customers. This methodology provides a more holistic and accurate perspective on customer behavior. You have the flexibility to toggle between Sales and Transaction counts to explore the data from different angles. Hover over the bar chart to view exact counts. Glide your cursor over the bar chart for the exact counts for each data point to appear.


Select "Show Explanation" to view a guided walkthrough

The guided walkthrough, or explanation, provides merchants with in-context program education. Select Show explanation to begin, then Start section. Each section guides you through the outputs using animations, explainer text, and highlighted chart elements. You can select Exit at any time to leave the walkthrough and view the standard outputs on your own.


Sales driven by transactions on/off the app

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This section shows the value Upside brings you that isn’t attached to program fees or promotions. The chart and explainer shows the amount of sales brought by new and existing customers after program launch, and the amount of sales not associated with Upside costs or fees. Proving that Upside doesn’t just shift customers to the app, but that we truly change customer behavior and get them to spend more at your business whether they have a promotion or not.


Measuring incremental impact

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This section presents the average change in customer behavior in comparison to the control group and also by showing the average pre/post Upside transactions. By default, it displays data on a relative month basis, averaged to a per customer per month, starting the month of their first transaction. But there's more—you have the ability to toggle the chart to display data on a calendar month basis as well. Giving you the flexibility to analyze data in the way that makes the most sense for your business. 

Understanding the two modes: 

  • Relative Months: This mode is all about showing what happens to Upside users after their first transaction in comparison to the control group. It aggregates data from all Upside users who have transacted at your selected sites. Each month depicts an average of every Upside user's monthly sales, regardless of when their initial transaction took place. The same monthly average is calculated for each user's control cards.
  • Calendar months: In this mode, the graph showcases the control group versus user behavior month by month since you went live on the app. It provides a chronological breakdown of changes in customer behavior over time.


To summarize, the Behavior page is a vital component of the Upside Dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of how the program influences your customers. If you want to learn more about how Upside's behavior analytics tab can benefit your business, don't hesitate to reach out to the Upside team.





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