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Overview: Driving profitable growth

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By now, you already know that Upside is able to drive you new volume at a better ROI than any other marketing program. Unlike other advertising or marketing models, Upside delivers proven results across the entire customer transaction journey - measuring our impact all the way from reach to profit:

  • We expand your reach by putting your business in front of millions of consumers using the Upside app and our network of partner apps.
  • We drive attributable sales when consumers claim Upside’s personalized promotions before making a purchase
  • We prove incrementality using our best-in-class measurement methodology
  • We guarantee profitability (after all fees and promotions) on every Upside 

Read on to learn more about how Upside does what no other program can do - drive proven, incremental profit to your business. 


From “reach” all the way to “profit” 

Earlier in your onboarding, you learned how Upside does things that no other marketing program can do - and why that’s so important to your business. 

We dramatically expand your reach, putting your business in front of consumers right at the moment they’re making a choice about where to shop. As a result of that broadened reach, we’re able to deliver attributable sales. Even more importantly, we’re able to measure & prove how many of those sales were incremental - i.e., sales that wouldn’t have happened without Upside. 

Can you think of any other marketing initiatives or programs that are able to do all of this at scale? Well, even that level of precision isn’t good enough without one final step - profitability




Any marketing investment you’re making - promotions, digital ads, loyalty programs - should be measured on their ability to drive not just reach, not just attributable sales, not even incremental sales, but proven incremental profit.

Are you starting to see how hard this is? Upside’s ability to prove our impact from reach all the way to profit is what sets us apart as a marketing solution - and what makes us such a valuable partner for your business!


Bottom-line impact

Upside drives meaningful results for your business by ensuring you only pay for proven incremental profit - and nothing else. 

How do we ensure that? First, our “test vs. control” measurement methodology enables us to isolate Upside’s incremental impact on your business - making sure we never claim credit for sales you would’ve gotten without us. 

Second, our dynamic, margin-bound promotions ensure you earn new profit on every incremental transaction - even after accounting for all Upside program-related costs. 

It’s why we often say that, at Upside, bigger bills are better. If your monthly Upside program costs are rising, that means the incremental profit we’re delivering to your bottom line is rising by an even greater amount. 




The ultimate measure of Upside program performance - and one you can track for yourself in your Upside dashboard - is ROI. Upside ROI measures the return (in terms of incremental net profit) that you are earning for your investment in Upside. As an example, a 47% ROI means that, for every $1.00 you spend on program costs, Upside is returning $1.47 in incremental profit. You should measure all of your digital initiatives using a similar ROI metric - if you did, you’d likely see that Upside beats them all.

Measurable ROI on every dollar invested? That’s the Upside effect. 




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