Understanding the investment

Overview: Delivering attributable sales

By now, you already know that Upside is able to drive you new volume at a better ROI than any other marketing program. Unlike other advertising or marketing models, Upside delivers proven results across the entire customer transaction journey - measuring our impact all the way from reach to profit:

  • We expand your reach by putting your business in front of millions of consumers using the Upside app and our network of partner apps
  • We drive attributable sales when consumers claim Upside’s personalized promotions before making a purchase
  • We prove incrementality using our best-in-class measurement methodology
  • We guarantee profitability (after all fees and promotions) on every Upside transaction 

Read on to learn more about how Upside delivers you attributable sales - and why that’s so important. 


The importance of attribution

Expanding your reach by putting your business in front of as many consumer eyeballs as possible is critical for driving new transactions. And Upside is really good at that!

But showing Upside users personalized promotions for your business is only the first step. If all those impressions didn’t drive any tangible results, then they were useless. How many of those impressions actually turned into transactions? We can answer this question by measuring attributable sales

“Attribution” tells us how many transactions (or sales, or gallons) are directly attributable to Upside’s personalized promotions. Measuring attribution requires us to go one step further than reach - going from the number of times an Upside offer for your business was seen to the number of transactions where an offer was claimed




Attributing Upside’s impact

By quantifying the sales that occur through claimed Upside promotions, we can accurately measure the attributable sales delivered by Upside. 

You’ll see this distinction in Upside’s reporting. In addition to reporting the reach Upside has provided your business, we also report the transactions and sales on Upside - sales where an Upside promotion was redeemed as part of the transaction. 




The best most other marketing solutions can do is report attributable sales - and charge you based on this total. But attribution is only part of the story. You should never pay for unprofitable business, or for transactions that you would have earned anyway. This is what sets Upside apart - we go beyond reach and attribution, measuring our impact all the way down to incremental profit.

Delivering measurable, attributable volume that brings you incremental profit? That’s the Upside effect. 



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