How does the program work?

Proving Upside's impact: Benchmarking against the market

Comparing Upside site performance to the market

Your business doesn’t operate in a bubble, so neither do our performance analytics. Not only is it smart to keep a finger on the pulse of the market around you, it’s also one of the tools in our toolbox for assessing how well the program is performing for you.  One way to quantify Upside’s incremental impact on participating sites is to compare their performance against all other similar businesses in their market. This is one of the many ways that Upside can prove the impact of our personalized promotions — sites that once performed in line with the rest of their market start seeing attributable, measurable over-performance versus their competitors, because of Upside. 

Let’s look at an example of this analysis that we conducted looking at a group of Upside businesses in the Los Angeles market. 




When we look at the average transaction volume for the Los Angeles Upside stations (in green) compared to the overall fuel market performance (all other stations, in blue), we can see that before going live on the program, performance at these sites is pretty similar — dipping and rising at around the same rate due to market pressures. Then the retailer joined Upside. 


After launch

In the study above, you’ll notice that for a few months after launching on Upside, there’s not a clear distinction in performance. That’s because Upside’s overall share of site volume was still low in the first few months. However, once Upside transactions grew to represent over 2% of site volume in this market, you can see a clear divergence between the green and blue lines as the Upside sites started seeing more incremental growth. This significant, sustained difference in performance is the Upside effect! 

By comparing Upside sites to the performance of the rest of the market, we can identify a measurable and consistent impact when retailer choose Upside. To learn more, read Proving Upside's impact.

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