How does the program work?

Proving Upside's impact: Overview

Measuring the impact of marketing initiatives is hard

We know that customer acquisition and retention are important to you; you put a lot of effort into gaining new customers and motivating your existing customers to spend more. 

You may have your own loyalty programs or provide convenient, seamless experiences through offerings like last-mile delivery, mobile pay, and contactless ordering. Then there’s Upside, which provides personalized promotions to consumers, driving them to transact at participating stations.


When you’re devoting time and money to all these valuable initiatives, attributing incremental impact to a specific program can be challenging. And until a program is delivering enough transaction volume to break out of regular day-to-day fluctuations in your business’ transaction volume, it can be difficult to really see or feel any impact. 


How does Upside measure impact?

It’s tempting to want to see results right away, but it can often take a few months before Upside’s impact (in terms of capacity utilization, same-store sales lift, or any other metric) is discernible on your business’ performance. Before this point, you may not “feel” Upside’s impact, but you can still track the results we deliver on every transaction within your dashboard. Check out your Upside dashboard to view and track incrementality on every transaction and look at individual customers’ (anonymized) profiles. 

00_lightbulb.png Upside only charges you for transactions that are attributable to the program, incremental to your existing efforts, and profitable to your business to ensure you only pay for measurable, proven value.


Once Upside ramps up to achieve a meaningful share of your business’ volume, we are able to measure our impact in a number of analytically rigorous ways: 


Comparing Upside sites to the most similar, non-Upside sites in the same market (“like for like” studies)


Benchmarking Upside businesses against the rest of their local market


Evaluating the impact of lost business from leaving the program

Check out the case studies above to learn more! 


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